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Handsome Dude-Classic Athletic English Bulldogs Toby-Athletic English Bulldogs Little Red-Super Athletic English Bulldogs
Classic Athletic
Little Red-Super Athletic
Handsome Dude-Classic Athletic English Bulldogs
English Bulldogs Smashed & Squatty-Classic Standard  English Bulldogs Athletic Miniature Puppies
Classic Standard
Handsome Dude
Classic Athletic
Athletic Miniature Puppies
Classic Traditional Miniature Puppies English Bulldogs Super Smashed & Wrinkled English Bulldogs
English Bulldogs Super Smashed & Wrinkled
Classic Traditional
Miniature Puppies
Classic Traditional Miniature Puppies

Because there is a variation in looks, build and performance, the Classic and Athletic Classifications are divided into sub-categories of Classic Traditional, Classic Standard, Classic Athletic, Athletic and Super Athletic. They are all active but are not hyper and have athletic ability. But it is kind of like comparing a sumo wrestler, college wrestler, football star, NBA basket ball player, gymnast and track medallist...different persona.

They all have watchdog ability.

Classic Traditional - are more heavily built, often with more wrinkles the preferred beefy look and are more expensive (38-40 lbs. as adult)

Classic Standard - have the look, but are not quite as beefy and wrinkled. Both have athletic ability (33-35 lbs. as adult)

Classic Athletic - have great looks and more athletic ability (25-33 adult). Breeder's choice as best all around balance.

Athletic - have all the bulldog features of the early 1900's and are thinner With much athletic ability, super loyal & very intelligent (27-38 lbs.)

Super Athletic - have early 1900s look, unbelievable stamina, speed and
ability; respond quickly, are super loyal and highly intelligent. (20-38 lbs.)

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