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In the full-sizes price ranges are based on looks from pet quality to show and top show quality. But the Miniatures are divided into Athletic and Classic Classifications and Categories within each group having their advantages - all good. The Athletics are the least expensive, but are outstanding in cooperative intelligent performance while no explanation is needed for the Classic look. It's what you see on TV and in shows. Your breeder's choice is the middle ground between the two ends of the spectrum. Many experienced English Bulldog people can only appreciate the improvements by having both to compare. They will never give up their "ol' slobber-mouth" and the Miniatures are an excellent compliment for a satisfying pair.

But, the full-size, like seen on TV, stays home and sits in the window while the Miniature is off to the hardware, out on the boat, on vacation, and yes, riding motorcycles, while the big dog guards the furniture. Of course, if there is a break-in, the ol' slobber mouth "home alone" will probably watch as everything is loaded and then will follow the burglars out and climb in the truck and leave with his possessions. But the Miniatures have a strong watchdog component, some more than others. They are very family protective, including the furniture.

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