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Q. I have never heard of a miniature; what is a Miniature Bulldog?

A. A New rare breed of bulldog developed in the United States in the 1980s by experienced English Bulldog Breeders wanting a small bulldog for apartments with better health and behavior.

Q. Is the Miniature Bulldog a good breed for families & children?

A. Yes! Miniatures are the very best breed for family children and all kinds of pets because they want to please so much and they are so intelligent that they train out really well and help nurture other family members and pets. They get along with everything and everybody and "do what they are told".

Q. Are they good with kids and other animals?

A. Miniature Bulldogs are good with everything and are a
cooperative part of your family. One Miniature rocked in the rocking chair with an 18 month old toddler while watching TV, both sucking on their pacifiers together. A Miniature will help preen other pets when you give them attention and on their own.

Q. Are Miniatures good for singles and young couples?

A. They are excellent because they train out so well and fit in all social settings and situations like a well behaved eight year old child that doesn't talk back. They love to snuggle and go everywhere and do everything with you. You can do your own thing and never be alone.

Q Are Miniatures protective of masters and families?

A Yes, but not vicious. A Miniature owner stayed home from the WTC complex on 9/11 for a little quality time and after 9/11 the Miniature would not allow the master to step off the curb at Canal Street. It barked and pulled the owner back by the leash. Miniatures only bark when something is not right including in the home.

Q. How did they come up with the Miniature Bulldog?

A. Longtime breeders in the 80's came up with a secret formula that worked the first time and was continued thereafter. It is kept secret to prevent breeders from harming the Miniature Bulldog.

Q. Are they registered?

A. Of Course. Miniature Bulldog bloodlines were kept track of from the beginning and the registry of pet owners was started in 1995 under the Miniature Bulldog Association, keeping track of genetic health. Now a new registry is formed that is accepting other breeds including AKC Bulldog breeders for the purpose of genetic tracking under International Kennel Club, IKC.

Q. What are they mixed with?

A. Miniatures are bred to Miniatures except when adding new AKC English Bulldog bloodlines by the Senior Breeder in a careful way to avoid genetic defects.

Q. How are they raised?

A. Miniatures are raised family style; they are too sensitive and people oriented for kennel raising.


Q. What is the average price range of a Miniature Bulldog.

A. The average price of a miniature is very similar to the full size bulldog from reputable breeders. Plus 298.00 health, handling and air fare, including supplied Heart Worm Formula that will pay back in savings at the rate of 10.00 up per month for three years and reordering formula, the life of the dog. Call or email.

Q. What determines the price?

A. Looks and type, including shape or conformation, color and sometimes gender affected by demand and the cost of producing the particular type of pup.

Q. Price wise, can I limit the price and still get a great Miniature?

A. Yes, you can select by price, and if not available send a file deposit check and order by price at or above the minimum price available in each classification.

Location and Travel

Q. Are there breeders near me?

A. Probably not. There are hybrid breeders, mixing English Bulldogs with another breed, calling them Miniatures, but this pool web site represents all of the Real Miniature Bulldog Breeders.

Q. Where are you located?

A. In N.W. Arkansas near Tyson, Hunt, & Wal-Mart headquarters North of the Boston Mountains near Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri on Beaver Lake.

Q. Do you ship and how do we get our puppy?

A. The puppies fly "First Class Puppy"- Priority Parcel and are picked up at the people counter at your local airport just like anyone you would meet at the airport. (At huge airports ie. La Guardia, NYC there is a separate building for Priority Parcel) Puppies travel by first class air getting special handling. Second; people call for a discount ticket in advance and fly in and take Miniatures back in the cabin or third, drive in to stay in the "puppy-friendly motel" for a puppy vacation in the beautiful Ozarks and train the puppy on the way home.

Q. Are the puppies tranquilized for travel?

A. No, but that is the most frequently asked question at the airport when travelers leave their lines to come see the Miniatures check in. "No, that's just the way they are!" They sleep in an airline carrier bedroom with their mother from birth, so they are at home in their portable room and from their first day in public are well behaved. One puppy sat in the lap of the puppy travel person in the airport lobby watching airport people for a half an hour waiting for a daughter to fly in to take the pup to a paraplegic new master.

Socialization Behavior

Q. Do they get along well with cats?

A. Yes, they play and sleep with cats. At first one of the two should be left in the kennel carrier while they sit around and make friends. This is so the cat doesn't provoke the chase until the cat has accepted the Miniature as its trusted friend. Otherwise when the cat provokes the chase the cat may get scared and may not accept the new family member for months.

Q. Should we get a pair?

A. Pairs of Miniatures are an absolute hoot! "Womb Mates" at the same time are best even if it requires borrowing extra money for a while. Siblings can travel in the same carrier at the same ticket price. People turn off the TV to watch Miniature pairs play. They do everything together and help take care of each other. If a pair is wanted, the only real reason not to get a pair is money.

Q. Do they train easily and housebreak quickly?

A Miniatures want to please you so badly and are so smart that all types of training, including complete housebreaking, is very fast! They will do anything you ask of them and stay right with you wherever you go, including work.

Q. Can I take my Miniature to work?

Miniatures are ideal work partners because they are content to sit or lay quietly beside you at work for hours not bothering anybody. Miniatures are frequently on the job with their masters!

Physical Characteristics

Q. What are the colors and sizes?

A. All of the bulldog colors are available at one time or another.
Fawn with white is the most popular and in smaller supply. Brindle and white is next with a larger supply. Solid colors are more rare and less popular. The size range is 12 to 14 inches high by 17 to 24 inches long. The weight range at one year is 20 to 40 pounds. At 8 weeks the range is 3 to 9 pounds. (Full size weight: 50 to 80 lb.)

Q. What is the average size of the full size? Is there a big difference?

A. The Miniatures are about half the size of the full size; that is, the smallest Miniature is about half the size of the smallest full size and the largest about half the size of the largest full size, while the largest Miniature is about the same size as the smallest full size.

Q. Do the Miniatures look exactly like the full size? (I love the full
size look)

A. Exactly is a word that applies to manufactured goods but can leave the wrong impression with animals. It is best to compare the pictures on the site and draw your own conclusions. English AKC Bulldogs range in looks from a show champion on TV to a boxer looking dog with a five inch tail in litters for sale.
Miniatures range in looks from the pictured Super Athletic to the Classic Standard and Traditional pictured on the site. There is an intent to avoid breeding for "show" looks to avoid health risks. Miniatures are not shown; they are acquired for "family membership."

Q. I am not looking for show quality, do you have pet quality?

A. Miniatures are graded into several descriptive categories and prices accordingly, but not show quality or pet quality.
Miniatures are not shown; and should not be because it puts the emphasis on looks rather than behavior and performance. This has been motivation in the full-size for in bred champions and pets that has resulted in major health problems and early genetic death. But there is no objection to Miniatures being in accepting shows.

Q. What are the differences between the categories?

A. There are two main classifications divided into several categories. The differences are looks and performance as described on the site. But all of the Miniatures are very athletic compared to the full-size. The Classics emulate the Bulldog of today while the athletics look more like the Bulldog of the early 1900s before all the inbreeding was started to change the looks.

Q. Do they slobber?

A.No. But, like us, sometimes they drool while sleeping.

Q. Do they lay down beside people and pass gas?

A.No; That problem would suggest a digestion problem.

Q. Are there differences in Male and Female in looks, size, shape and personality?

A. No! Differences cannot be traced to gender; differences are more a matter of the gene pool. Gender appearance and identity with the "boys" or the "girls" are the only real reasons for discriminating between genders

Q. Do male Miniatures hike their leg in the house?

A. No, males will squat on a potty tray inside and hike leg outside.

Acquiring a Miniature

Q. How can we pick one?

A. The selection process is by email pictures, even for people in our area. This works well because people are more deliberative and do not rush to emotional judgement. Pictures of groups are sent and then individual pictures of favored individual pups are sent. When a pup is selected, confirmation pictures are taken and sent. People are always far happier with the pup than the pictures.

Q. How do you pay?

A. Payment is by wire transfer unless a personal check is mailed four weeks in advance. Cashier's checks can get lost in the mail depriving the client of puppy funds till found. Personal checks can be stopped if lost with the funds still in the client's bank for wiring.

Q. How can I use my credit card?

A. Use a cash transfer check supplied by your credit card company written to your bank for the wire transfer.

Q. What is in the health, handling and air package for 298.00?

A. It includes health certificate, kennel carrier, handling and travel to vet and airport, heart worm formula and airline fare.

Q. What is a file deposit check?

A. A file deposit check is a personal check written for the Health, Handling and Air fare amount which is kept on file until the pup is picked out from email pictures and ordered. Only then can the file deposit check be cashed which saves wiring a deposit to secure the pup. Otherwise someone else could wire to secure the pup while "the check is in the mail". Before a pup is selected the check is returnable on demand in a self addressed stamped envelope or destroyed if the above envelope is not supplied.

Q. What is the life expectancy of a Miniature.

A. We believe ten years and up and our assurance policy on ten years. People are calling in with 12 year and older pups wanting another one and one called in with one 15 years old. Early losses are more from tragic accidents.

Q. What is your guarantee?

A. We have an Assurance Plan with requirements. We have had no reported sudden losses, airline losses, or genetic deaths. But the procedure for a loss under the assurance plan is a required immediate autopsy by the state veterinarian, who is on both sides to deal with a tragedy. Personal vet opinions are not acceptable. We provide Miniatures should a Miniature be lost to genetic death on a time served shared cost basis, based on the above state vet autopsy and a ten year life expectancy as long as the clients have behaved and do behave as ladies and gentlemen in the shared grief recovery process and replacement. In the case of bad luck of the draw we want to support our clients and get them back with a Miniature.

Breeding Questions

Q. How many in a litter?

A. Litters are one up in size and five to six is the best quantity to have for the mother and the breeder. Large litters require supplemental feeding to protect the mother and pups.

Q. Do they have caesarian births or natural?

A. They can have either depending on the circumstances.

Q. Do they breed natural?
They can require artificial as well as natural.

Q. How can one become a breeder?

A. In an apprenticeship where the first stage is placing Miniature Bulldog puppies with new owners in one's own area from us with our back up, support and assurance plan. In other words, the first step is learning how to serve the Miniature client to their satisfaction. There is high satisfaction and low risk. The money earned grows with the responsibility taken and number of pups placed.

Description Comparison Between The Real Miniature and Hybrid Copy Cat Miniatures:

Q. What is the difference between Real IKC Miniatures and the hybrid miniatures

A. These are small hybrid bulldogs that appeared after the Real US Miniature became available on the internet. These hybrids are the result of breeding English with Pug or with French-etc, by individual independent breeders, some belonging to the same miniature bulldog club all claiming to be the miniature bulldog breed. CKC will register such hybrids as miniature only if the other breed is named / listed.

Q. How do I know if it is a hybrid site?

A. Real miniatures are register with International Kennel Club, IKC and all of the breeders come through this pooled web site. They are professional breeders trained in a long term apprenticeship not only in puppy raising but in client service first!

Q. What is their guarantee vs. the Real Miniature?

A. Recently a customer of such a hybrid reported a death of one of these hybrids after 4 days and the breeder would not replace it. Reported being offer free freight on a replacement pup.
In the Real Miniature Program the client is valued and would receive help and support on replacement following the required procedures that require a state vet autopsy. Another reported her pups ears stood up and wonder why when trying to order a real miniature to breed with, thinking that the registry of her dog was compatible with the real miniature.

Q. Are the miniatures advertised in Dog Fancy Magazine in the same ad with the full-size bulldog, hybrids or Real Miniatures?

A. This ad is for hybrids copying and using Real Miniature information and background statements on their web site. Real Miniatures are not advertised in expensive national magazines because there is so much demand for real Miniatures there is no need for expensive advertising. Nor are they placed with the full size because of many health problems of the full size. And computers are required for miniature adoption.

Full - Size Miniature Comparison

Q. Are the average price ranges more or less than a full size?

A. The prices are about the same, depending on where you price the full size. In some parts of the country they are more expensive and in other parts they are less while in others they are the same. If price is an issue, it is recommend that a full size be avoided because of risk of huge vet bills. With the Miniatures, the supplied Heart Worm Formula saving 10 - 15 dollars per month reduces the cost of the Miniature toward zero over the lifetime of the Miniature.

Q. I have heard that the full size is prone to heat exhaustion and stroke. Are the Miniatures more tolerant of the heat?

A. Yes, they are able to handle temperatures like we are. Treat them the same. If you are hot and ready to go in, so are they. If you are cold in wind and blizzard and need a coat and need to get back in, so do they. In severe cold they need a jacket too!

Q. Is there a big difference between the full size and the Miniature?

A. There is a difference of purpose of the two similar breeds. So there is a huge differences in personality, obedience, behavior and health. There has not been an athletic full-size since the early 20th century. The value of the full-size is based on the looks of AKC show. If you know what the full size is and like the independent loving stubborn ol' slobber mouth and like to show off their totally smashed deep wrinkled face and are prepared mentally and financially for the health risks, then the full-size is for you. If a full size bulldog passes and a low cost replacement is wanted a Basset Hound is reported to have a similar entertaining personality by a bulldog expert.
Miniature value is based on personality, health, behavior, performance and looks. So, if you want a well-behaved obedient take everywhere family companion with looks, it's a Miniature.

Q. What about the money?

A. If money is an issue, the full-size should be avoided because vet costs can exceed the purchase price several times in a short period of time.; it is not the cost, but the upkeep. And if money is an issue; it is worth planning ahead for a Miniature - like planning for a new baby.