Bulldogs have been modified ever since the bull fighting dog of 18th century England was developed from the Mastiff and later modified into a loving pet through adding, in part, Chinese Pug. Since the leaner longer leg U.S. Bulldog of the early 1900s, the Bulldog has developed into the short broad champion look of today with many major health problems.
Miniature Bulldogs were developed with a specific formula back in the 1980's to improve health and reduce the size to half of the full size. The methods and formula used to develop the Miniature are kept secret to prevent breeder experimenting, possibly causing harm to the Miniature Bulldog line and quality reputation.

Size The range in weight is from 20 to 40 lbs. with some traditionals reaching 50 pounds in 2-3 years, still having the Miniature advantages of a Healthy, Loving, Loyal, Behaved, Obedient Protective Family Companions. The most common adult weight is 30-33 pounds with a few between 20 and 25, 38 to 40 and 40 to 50 pounds. The full size bulldog commonly ranges 50 to 80 with a few 40 to 50 and 80 to 100 pounds, all with the normal bulldog traits and problems. The adult Miniature Bulldog shoulder height is typically 12 to 14 inches with the length being 17 to 24 inches. A smaller Miniature can be heavier than a larger Miniature because of density and other breeds of the same weight are much larger, often twice the size. The future may bring a Toy Miniature.

Health and Behavior Outcomes
But, the most important outcomes in the Miniatures are major improvements in health, behavior and obedience. There are no known major health or genetic problems with the Miniatures, associated with the full-size, such as problems with breathing, drooling, stamina, defective organs, passing gas, dysplasia, and premature death. Life expectancy is in the double digits, ten and up. The Miniature really wants to please you, will mind your commands promptly and will loyally stay right with you, a real take everywhere buddy.

Breeder Requirements
For several years, in order to get into the Miniature program it has been required to contract for two litters and training People only do this when they are dedicated to carrying on the quality tradition of the Miniature?s health, behavior, personality, obedience and then...looks. People who are interested in independent breeding with looks as the primary focus will be more interested in full-size breeding where there is less investment, complexity and training. All True Miniature Breeder Pups at present come through and are health assured through the one site. Breeding interest should be mention!

Miniature Bulldogs are raised family style. Family style raising is much more labor intensive and confining for people than kennel raising. But Miniatures are a little too people oriented for kennel raising as opposed to the more independent full-size. The large number of males needed for selective breeding and family raising is more labor intensive and therefore is more expensive, but the result is better health, behavior, obedience, size and loving personality.

Socializing Family Style
They interact freely with each other, adults miniatures and other kinds of adults and puppies. When a puppy plays a little too hard a gentle fly swatter is applied out of nowhere to the rump - "What happened? Where'd dat come from?" If the surprising distraction doesn't work the first time it is repeated once or twice till it does work before a rare time out has to be used. The pup is picked up and loved! One of the first rules a Miniature learns is not to go through a door without permission. The well traveled miniature needs to learn not to go through any door without permission taught by the adoptive parent. Miniatures start learning these kinds of lessons easily at about twelve weeks.

Treats can be any other brand of dog food not usually used and is very economical such as Purina dog food balls which are great to teach the puppies to catch treats in their mouth at about four months. An experienced Miniature can snag a thrown treat out of the air with its mouth like a first baseman snagging a fast ball.
Catching treats tossed to each Miniature is done in order and establishes mutual respect, trust and competition and fun like an old western "OK everybody, drinks on the house!" Each adult Miniature keeps getting a treat tossed to it until it catches one before moving to the next while the others are free to scramble for the missed treats. But, they're sharply criticized for trying to intercept the others' catch. Around four months the kept puppies are praised for their first catch and their training continues at a higher level with their new mental and coordination ability. The best store bought toy is the durable squeaking dumb bell. Others seem to tear up quickly except for rope and hoof.

Potty Training
The paper training begins very early when paper is put in their kennel carrier home at three weeks where they are raised from birth. So they are pretty much paper potty trained when they leave on the airplane and the carrier they travel in seems like their bedroom at home.
Miniatures train fast! While they are paper potty trained when they leave, the new owner has to be potty trained too. The puppy can get confused as to where the potty paper is in a new place or how to get back to the other end of the house to find it. They prefer to go out in the grass but taking away the training paper too soon is like taking a baby's diaper too soon...they can have an accident when you don't notice they need to go. It is very important to praise correct potty behavior at every opportunity with oral and body language praise and treats...they love it!
Importance of Training and Socializing
Then they will automatically be trained and socialized. So, when they are a little older they will mind correctly and do their job of being your obedient protective companion in every imaginable setting with out a leash.
People who get Miniatures are just ecstatic about them and feel they "have completed their family."
They seem to get along with everything and everyone, even sleeping with the family cat. Of course, you have to socialize and train them. So later when you want to take your Miniature with you as a pal they will know what they need to do to carry their own weight without being a burden...just like a well behaved eight-year old who doesn't talk.
Miniatures, once trained, are then a buddy who will go along, sit where you tell them to sit, and do what you tell them to do when you tell them to do it, all while sticking with you, not running off and coming when you call. One of the first obedient things they learn in family style raising is they can't go through doors until they are told or called and this is important.

Behavioral Differences
Miniatures want to please you! The full-size wants you to please it.
Once the breeder's full size finally caught a pickup by the wheel. Knocked him into the middle of next week and with persistent scolding stopped trying to chase cars and trucks. But, at the airport as soon as the car door opened, the full-size jumped out and ran in front of an airplane ready to start engines while the Miniature waited for permission to exit the car.

Health, Behavior, Loyalty and Obedience are bigger differences than Size between the Full- size and the Miniature!

Both Miniature and the full size want to go with you, but in the vehicle and when you get there with the full size you have a two year old on your hands often with the "terrible two"s?. He wants it his way.
So, the breeder learned; he opens the pickup truck door and the full-size jumps in and still rides for hours in the shade with the window down for air-Loves it!
Then he sneaks out with a Miniature and gets out a BMW 650 Funduro motorcycle, puts goggles on the pup to keep the bugs out of the eyes, like everyone else. "Sits square in the saddle," pulls the Miniature into position on the seat in front with paws on the tank and "rides off into the sunset." Arriving at the airport, there is not a worry that the Miniature will try to catch an airplane by the propeller. Although Buster Buddy (on the site) did kind of get into trouble at the airport for licking the face and neck of a poor, innocent mechanic who was lying down working on an aircraft brake. So, poor Buster Buddy got banned from the airport except for special occasions like taking a Miniature to meet its new parents.

Nothing can replace the full-sized stubborn, independent, highly intelligent, manipulative Ol' Slobber mouth...when you can verify a healthy one. And, full size Bulldogd'em purists are indignant about the Miniatures. If you have a big one and a Miniature both, you can really appreciate the difference and enjoy them both for what they are. If the full size doesn't last long enough, you and your Miniature will have each other to help one another through the grief stages over the Ol' Slobber mouth. It is better to get another pup before the old one goes. (Sad to now report: the full size, a healthy one, got out while the breeder was recovering from surgery, ran under another pickup wanting a ride and died.)

Bulldog Health Warning From Hundreds of AKC Full Size Owners
There are many reports to us of full-size Bulldog losses six weeks to three years of age due to genetic defects verified with autopsy and the breeders will not help, oftensaying it is the owner's fault. These folks are angry, grieving, broken-hearted peopleand it is hard afterward to please them or gain their trust. They feel like they have been a crime victim. One owner reporting two full-size puppy losses in a row at a cost of $5000.00 and still no puppy.
Many many calls are being received from full size bulldog owners that their bulldog cost them thousands in vet bills before it prematurely died breaking hearts. If money is a major issue, in view of these calls, we recommend a choice between a
Miniature and some other healthy breed or possibly a bulldog hybrid. Full-size bulldog lovers should research the bloodline history of the pup they are considering for genetic health problems through other owners. So, if such a genetic loss were to
occur in the Miniatures, there is high motivation to time pro-rate a genetic loss to help the adoptive parent replace their loss with another Miniature in an equitable way for owner support.

Life Assurance, Loss Identification and Support
There are no known major health problems or defects with the Miniature Bulldog, And, the life expectancy is in the double digits (10-up) based on feedback and experience. Premature losses from genetic causes have not been reported. Early reported losses, sad to say, are from theft, accidents, and a poisoning of improperly kept or the unattended Miniatures. Miniatures do try to get out of the way and are not prone to accidents. The Assurance Plan includes a 24-hour assurance policy about loss that
if loss occurs the animal must be refrigerated immediately and then taken to the state health veterinarian for an autopsy for the mutual benefit of both parties. If such a loss were the result of the source, the policy is replacement or refund. If the airline is at fault, help in adjustment is the policy. But there has been no problem with the airlines, sudden death or major genetic health losses. If later there were to be a lossdue to suspected genetic causes the same procedure of refrigerating, taking the animal to the state health veterinarian would be the required procedure, leading to a possible prorated replacement and a change in that breeding line.
An option of the owner would be, a trust bond assumed, to return the Miniature to the senior Miniature Veterinarian for a more thorough autopsy and direct feedback within th program. Therefore, there is a better chance of fully determining the actual cause of the loss and any implication for future breeding. Such an arrangement would be upon mutual agreement. The senior veterinarian is a strong advocate of using the appropriate state health veterinarian for mutual trust reasons over any benefit of research.
The policy is to pro-rate replacement help, sharing the responsibility if something goes wrong with the luck of the draw as long as folks behave as ladies and gentlemen. While there have been no such reported Miniature losses, If a pattern of defects immerged, it would result in a change of suspected breeding before an unhealthy trend is established in the Miniature line.

Assurance Requirement:
During the development stages of the pup and for the Assurances Plan as determined by the Breeder and Senior Vet, the medical treatments plans for the pup are subject to the program of the Senior Vet and are primary over prerogatives of randomly selected field vets that may or may not have miniature knowledge and experience and may have financial conflict of interest over the welfare of the pup and client despite client confidence in the selected field vet. Volition of senior vet/breeder policy over the objection of the Breeder may result in cancellation of the liberal Assurance Plan:
Senior Vet knows best!

Quality Shot Program
Puppies start their program at four weeks parasite prevention. The five-in-ones are started at six weeks and given every three weeks until sixteen weeks when a rabies shot may be given. If rabies is given that early a booster should be given at least 11 months.
It is best to use a 11 month cycle in case a neighbor is scratched in the last days of legal shot range of one year. This gives law enforcement the option of a 10 day quarantine of the pet raising the risk of infection at the quarantine facility not to mention pet/owner upset. The pups are wormed every two weeks until sixteen weeks and then every month. Parasite prevention continues and is sent with the puppy. The owner then takes over the responsibility for the plan.

Births - Veterinarian Support and Training.
Most miniatures are bred by artificial insemination and are born with cesarean sections while some are natural conceptions and births. But waiting to see if it will be a natural birth can result in the loss of the pups and/or the mother. So, to reduce these problems blood is drawn from the mothers for a lab test to establish their progesterone level to determine conception and birth dates. Breeding Miniatures is more expensive than the full size because it is necessary to save back many more males for selective breeding and it is labor intensive to raise them family style, with pre-potty training and socializing of the youngsters. Breeder requirements include taking two litters for placement and training.
The veterinary support is of the highest quality and very supportive. Most importantly, the veterinary support is forthright and honest in quality diagnosis, treatment and training. The program is very fortunate to have had such high support for success.

The Miniatures have their own special registry program. The purpose of the registry ist to maintain and improve quality of all the breeding parameters of health, behavior, personality and obedience as well as looks and keep track of the line, all giving the real prestige of the registry. There is no additional charge for the registry which is automatic with the acquistion of the puppy. The registration is through the Miniature Bulldog Association, and International Kennel Club. The web site is to be found @ <>.

There are no plans for AKC, at present although requirements for IKC and AKC acceptance are being met. The breeding is tightly controlled for quality and pedigree through selective breeding. After about a year a certificate application/survey form is sent out for information, feedback on the pups, their progress and request for required photos for maintaining quality and improving the breed.
The extensive easy to use forms provide for all types of feedback after which the pet registration certificate is sent. A registration confirmation form is sent with the pup to be returned with the pups full name to confirm automatic pet registration until the process is completed with the application, pictures and survey at one year.
Breeding Miniatures are registered only to certified breeders who meet requirements.

Bteeding Quality
The owner agrees to not permit non-registered breeding of the real miniature bulldog with other breeds or hybrids.
And further agrees to report any accidental breeding and the pups and the dispersion of same and their owners for the purpose of recording the accidental hybrid puppies as "small hybrid bulldogs" with good placement. Raised Family Style

Air Travel
Of course, the people at the airlines get them out and play with them as passengers press around oohing and aaahing...some coming over from competing airlines to look and per them. They find being the center of attention as exciting as a young person going off to college. And after all the adventure of the day, they are so tired they are ready to sleep on the plane in their familiar portable bedroom. The flight schedule is coordinated around the plan of the adoptive parents and coordinated as though a pup were a child coming on the airline. The Miniatures travel by air is from counter-to-counter, Priority Parcel -"first class puppy". They are given a health examination, to verify the health of the puppy before it leaves. Puppies, like children, often have mild infections from day to day that are fought off with a high white blood cell count in a normal active puppy. The puppy is more vulnerable to this during the stress of change so antibiotics are sent along as a preventative for anything that might develop under stress. Even though it would probably go away, as part of quality care continuity chances are not taken. Parasite prevention for after arrival is also supplied for the same stress reasons.

Miniature Selections and Arrangements
Before Miniatures are born and when Miniatures are born but are not yet ready for travel, or the client wants a Miniature of a special choice, then the procedure is to send a 298.00 dollar deposit file check which is not cashed until the puppy is picked out. As soon as pictures are available at six weeks or later, pictures are sent and the selection process is completed. When deposits are sent, it secures the order of choice or pick of the litter and assures the person that they are in line when puppy availability is short and puppies are not yet born or before they are placed.

Health, Handling and Air Travel Package.
It Pays for itself! The 298.00 dollar deposit is applied to the health, handling and air travel package. This includes health exam and certificate, complete blood test, kennel carrier, handler and grooming, airfare on American. Airlines, plus a bottle of heart worm formula recommended to us for our use by vets and suppliers. This will save enough money as a rule to more than pay for the package through savings in heart worm pill cost.
Heart Worm Formula will pay for much of the Miniature cost if the heart worm formula is used the whole life of the Miniature through savings on pills! This high quality formula is effective on mites and has saved many animals from death after vet dips failed.
It's the only sure cure for Red Mange if you have a friend in need now!

Choose By Choice or Select By Price
In selecting a miniature one can choose by choice with out regard to price or choose by price setting a price limit. Choosing by price avoids considering pups that are priced above the limit set. When pups are not available in the price range wanted, they can be ordered by price from the application for the future through the deposit file check program (not cashed until the pup is selected). Funds may be put in one of the optional escrow plans. Consideration is given to serious shop by price people who separate themselves those who are not ready to make a commitment. Ask about select by price from the application form.? The breeders personal take every where Miniature is a less costly solid color Athletic
Since many have asked, in the "select by choice" category you can not revert to "select by price" after the selection is made through asking for a discount. No discount is available and if the price is above the client's maximum acceptable amount disappointment and frustration results.
One CAN go from "select by price" to "select by choice" knowing PUPS ABOVE THEIR PRICE RANGE HAVE NOT BEEN OFFERED and discounts are not offered after the selection
It is an advantage to "select by price" up front stating the real maximum price to take advantage of any special pricing in breeder selections. Stating a lower select by price can eliminate a pup in the real price range.

Pricing and Selection Criteria
The best Miniature is not necessarily the most expensive; Miniatures are priced according to looks with the full-size "Show" or TV bulldog setting the standard in the publics mind. Miniatures are graded for shape of body, head nose, ears, tail and legs as well as color, color pattern hair texture and sex availability; it's an ugly-beauty contest. Miniatures are for loyal functional pet companions and at present are not for show. The looks of the miniature are for personal and public impression not compromising health for looks. The Athletic Miniature favors the early US 1900s Bulldog that is coming back into style with its looks an ability. It can leap into a truck, off the dock into the boat, onto a motorcycle seat, keep up on the jog, and out run, play and wrestle the big dog. These are less in cost to produce and have fantastic owner potential. While the Classic Standard and Traditional Miniature of today's Bulldog look is also healthy and active with you as will be wanted in hot or cold weather. They are athletic too while the full-size is usually NOT!

When Miniatures are available and old enough to travel, people select their Miniature from pictures and fresh portrait shots sent by e-mail, using a digital camera producing jpeg pictures for e-mail transmission. When the client is comfortable, the funds are transferred by wire transfer from bank to bank. If the funds are transferred before 10:00A.M. C.S.T., the funds will be posted before the airplane is ready to leave the next day. The client calls immediately after starting the transferring of the funds and that starts the process of taking the puppy to the vet and preparing it for the next flight day. Flight days or shipping days are grouped for the common best interest of people and puppies.

Deposit and Escrow Plan
People can send, with and after the file deposit check, money in any amount at any time to be placed in the escrow account toward the cost of the puppy. This money is cashed and deposited and an e-mail receipt is sent for each escrow payment sent, cashed and deposited. This money is refundable up to the time the puppy departs and the deposit check is returnable up to the time the puppy is selected, taking it off the market. This deposit may be passed to a later litter when there is an urgent or emergency need to cancel after pup selection such as an accident.

Payment By Mail or Wire Transfer only / NO Special Delivery Service
An e-mail should be sent immediately after each mailing, announcing the mailing of each check sent, to avoid late discovery of lost checks in the mail and to give proper credit for the order of choice in pick of the litter when a deposit is sent by mail. Special delivery services are not use for payment including money orders, bank drafts or cashier's checks.
A credit card may be used by writing a credit card company transfer check to a bank for a wire transfer or by having a bank charge to the credit card for a 30 to 45 day statement time. Miniatures should not become part of credit card debt. But it is reasonable to use low interest short-term loans for appropriate family planning.

Special Event or Christmas Plan
Christmas and other special days are an expensive times of the year, so it is encouraged to use the escrow Christmas Plan which is different in that the plan is to be completed in a specific time frame for shipping. So there needs to be a specific payment plan on a monthly or biweekly basis and for this structure the client is rewarded with current interest on the money as long as payments are sent on time. The plan starts with the deposit file check and down payment in the amount and payment schedule of the client's choice. Then the remaining amount is divided equally among the weeks or months left until two weeks before the time the puppy is to travel to its new home. One should not hesitate to use their own Christmas Club.

Christmas Puppy Surprises
Christmas surprises should be limited to small children still capable of believing in Santa Clause. Children of accountability and adults need to be included in planning and selection. Surprise Christmas arrivals should not be planned or counted on because of weather and temperature considerations. It is acceptable to use Christmas funds for a miniature BUT a miniature is an adoption of a new family member and are not sold for "Christmas presents". By nature this is something free of financial responsibility for the recipient to full fill an expected gift or entitlement and is the responsibility of the giver rather than the master. This will not work as well as the correct adoption procedure in the same family. The recipient at any age should share part of the financial responsibility of the Miniature.
It is good to have the Miniature already there and adjusted to share Christmas or to arrive after flying in good weather.

Secondary Adoptions
Should circumstance force the puppy being made available to strangers or the public it is contractually required that the first option of placement be given through protective companions for placement assistance including placement with mutual agreement especially to people on the pick order list over strangers answering an ad. All efforts will be made to recover the initial client investment.

Registration Transfer
Owners agree to transfer the registry as part of the agreement and to require the acquiring party to transfer the registration at the time of the transaction as a condition of purchase / secondary adoption agreement.

Owners agree to follow the outlined policy on site, sent by email and those posted under International kennel Club, IKC.


Miniature Bulldog Association Site:

By completing arrangements for the miniature bulldog the owner accepts all of the applied terms above, on the site and sent by mail.