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If you dont like speed and attention, this is not the plane for you. But if you always wanted a P-51 Mustang and the million dollar price tag stopped you, read on. Military appeal is the accent throughout this Thorp SP-T-18. It is the only single
place retractable gear T-18 in existence. It won several trophy races at Sun 'n Fun. From a dead stop, around the pylons, and to a dead stop average speed 204 mph and 215 mph. Don't be suprised, with a Lycoming 0360AIB 0 SMOH and McCauley constant speed prop 0 - POH cruises
comfortably at 204 mph.

With your left hand on the Corsair throttle quadrant and your right hand on the stick, pull the trigger to announce your position to Center with a deep gravelly voice, causing the big airplane drivers to envy your cockpit. You may start looking for a B-17 to escort. You will love the way the T-18 handles when you decide that straight and level is not for you today!!! If you dont want to be the last one there, then be the first one here. From the pages of "Wheels and Deals" Nashville

Stall Speed (Indicated) 64 MPH
Slowest Descent Speed 74 MPH
Maximum Flight Time Per Gallon Speed 77 MPH
Best Angle Of Climb Speed 80 MPH
Best Rate Of Climb At 5000 Feet 93 MPH
Shallowest Glide Angle Speed 100 MPH
Best Rate Of Climb At Sea Level 102 MPH
Maximum Miles Per Gallon Speed 106 MPH
Maneuvering Speed 172 MPH
Red Line Speed 229 MPH